Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cookie Monster from Sesame Street Facts

This is the character that first inspired me to learn more about the Sesame Street characters. Someone told me that he has started eating vegetables. I thought that this might be an urban legend like Bert and/or Ernie getting killed. Here are a few facts I've learned about the Cookie Monster.

In 2006 Cookie Monster got a healthier image by calling cookies a "sometime snack" and preferring eggplant.

Cookie Monster will eat anything from Peabody Awards to pencils but of course he likes cookies the best. Apparently before he ate a cookie and became the Cookie Monster he was named Sid.

Cookie Monster developed from an unaired General Foods commercial that had three monsters in them.

On a personal note I've always loved the Cookie Monster although my waist line always discouraged me from gobbling down cookies the way he does. Now even when a person is taking the best prenatal vitamins or gets pregnant they are still discouraged from eating whatever they want but growing up to be the Cookie Monster is still my life's greatest ambition.

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hailey said...

i dont believe that cookie monster got healthier in 2006 im sorry but i sorry but i dont.