Saturday, May 29, 2010

Are Maroon and Burgundy the Same Color?

In a way I really hope so simply because I've always used the words interchangeably. According to the dictionary maroon is a dark combination of red and brown. Burgundy was a little more mysterious at offering up "grayish red-brown to dark blackish-purple color". Ok so I guess that means that they either can or can't be the same color. So I went on a search and under maroon I found this:

Burgundy looks like this:

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Creative Commons Photo from Wburris (

I’m still going to be using the words interchangeably because I can’t tell the difference.

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L875 said...

Hey! I actually was googling whether or not maroon and burgandy are the same and I found your blog. Now I'm going to try washing my headlights with toothpaste and I won't move until my kids are out of the house!

I sell knitted baby shoes on etsy and someone asked if I could make shoes for them in maroon. What is maroon??!!! Dark red? Dark purple? I suspected that it's a dark purply red, but that's more of a burgandy.

For years I wore the same itchy sweater on St. Patrick's Day because I thought it was green. Apparently, it's aqua which is more of a blue. I still don't see it. What the heck is aqua?!

But your pictures kind of sort of helped me (as much as a somewhat colorblind person can be helped in this situation) so thank you.